Choosing the Perfect Fabric for Your Bandh Gala Suit

When it comes to traditional Indian wedding attire for men, the Bandhgala suit holds a special place. Known for its elegance and timeless appeal, the Bandhgala suit, also known as the Jodhpuri suit, is a staple for any groom looking to make a statement on his big day. At Lagan Wedding, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect Bandhgala suit. This guide will help you choose a regal and sophisticated look. It's versatile and can be worn for various wedding functions, from the engagement ceremony to the right fabric to ensure you look your best. Lagan Wedding are  the best place to buy bandhgala suits for men.

Understanding the Bandhgala Suit

A Bandhgala suit is characterized by its closed-neck design, which exudes to the reception. The key to making a Bandhgala suit stand out is choosing the right fabric that complements the occasion and the wearer’s style. The finest man bandhgala suits are available online at Lagan Wedding.

Top Fabric Choices for a Bandhgala Suit


Silk is one of the wealthiest materials and is closely connected to style and bespoke wear. Non-shiny, the natural sheen of the wool and the smoothness of its texture in a Bandhgala suit is perfect for the groom. Given their formality, silk suits are perfect for evening attire and big wedding festivities. In order to make your silk suit the ideal one you've always imagined, Lagan Wedding offers you the best and most fashionable Bandhgala suits.


Velvet is particularly fashionable for corded indicators of winter marriage as it has a wealthy texture and feel. When it comes to weddings, a bandhgala with a touch of velvet makes it elegant and suitable for night wedding wear. Certainly, velvet delivers a deep hue to the product and offers a stylish look, which will suit a modern groom. Lagan Wedding has a splendid collection of velvet Bandhgala suits online, which is the perfect blend of luxurious class along with new age fashion.



Brocade is a fabric that comes in an Indian traditional aesthetic taste. These are characterized by fine and complex designs and touch feel . A brocade bandhgala suit is ideal for the traditional wedding ceremonies. It gives a royal and celebratory quality to the look, which is why grooms who want an air of tradition with a little splash will love this trend. We are extremely popular for offering the best brocade Bandhgala suits that you can buy online at Lagan Wedding to exude the royalty of your wedding ensemble.


Hence, it becomes significant to select the right fabric of the Bandhgala suit that would dictate the first impression at the wedding. For those who like to have the feeling of silk fabric, the rich look of velvet fabric or the traditional look of brocade fabrics each has its own qualities. Yes, we do have Men Bandhgala Suits that are available online at Lagan Wedding so as to help those who are in need of a Bridal Outfit find that perfect match. Get the royal and traditional look of a Bandhgala suit and walk into your wedding with pride and panache.

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