Dulha's Guide: Buy Embroidered Sherwani for Men Online for Your Special Day

Dulha's Guide: Buy Embroidered Sherwani for Men Online for Your Special Day

Indian weddings are known as “big fat weddings” for so many reasons. For the rest of the world, weddings are the connection between two people however, for Indians, it is a celebration, it is a festival, it is the new bond between two families. When you think about the dreamiest Indian weddings, it involves a large crowd, a lot of dancing, loud and festive music, scrumptious food and big smiles. Indian weddings fill the air with joy, laughter and cheer. However, the most important part of an Indian wedding, apart from the bride and groom, are the wedding clothes. Indian weddings do not just happen over a day, they are usually a week long event that includes multiple functions. Typically, haldi, sangeet, mehendi and feras are what constitute a wedding. Throughout all these events spread across many days, the ceremonies change, the decorations change and the wedding clothes change as well. Haldi clothes usually are of yellow colors; mehendi clothes revolve around green; sangeet clothes are flowy, comfortable yet glamorous to be able to accommodate lots of dancing; reception clothes are western wears that are stylish but the most amazing clothes are, of course, the ones worn on the actual wedding day. 

The styles and aesthetics of Indian weddings have changed over time. The latest trends and fashions of the time are usually followed by every couple on their wedding. All of us know about the new pastel theme that has been introduced by celebrities and is the choice of all brides and grooms today, but one thing that remains common, no matter, the year or the trend is the decorative patterns, creative embroidery, luxurious appearance, and cultural essence that is seen in the wedding clothes. The bride's dress is paid a lot of attention to, but the groom's stylish sherwani is what makes the look of the ideal couple complete. 

Sherwanis provide a royal feel, a luxurious vibe and a festive look to a groom. Be it a simple black sherwani with a heavy dupatta or a textured or patterned sherwani with a simple dupatta; it automatically turns the groom into a confident looking young man that does not only represent Indian culture and Indian fashion but it also makes it more evident to the bride and the guests that the young man is ready to welcome the new and happy life that is ahead of him. A good looking Sherwani automatically turns the groom into a confident person and it fills them with loads of happiness.

Where can you find the best embroidered Sherwanis in India?

Today, a lot of couples idolize Sherwanis that are worn by celebrities and are designed by the top notch designers of the world. However, those Sherwanis and designers can break the balance of an individual. If you are looking to buy embroidered sherwani that not only resembles the ones made by the top names in the world, but are also budget friendly, Lagan is the right place for you. It has made wedding shopping so much easier for today’s couples. One can just go onto their website while lying on their bed and scroll through the vast range of options available. The Sherwani for grooms in Lagan are of the highest quality and made with the finest fabrics and they are available in various shades and colors. There are simple sherwanis for dulhas who like a simple look and there are colorful, textured and decorative shewanis for dulhas whose fashion sense is more creative. You will find some of the best marriage sherwani for Dulhas in Lagan’s website. All of these sherwanis for grooms translate the essence of Indian culture, they showcase true craftsmanship of Indians and they send the message of how grand Indian weddings actually are.

If your wedding day is right around the corner and you are wondering where to buy the best embroidered sherwanis from, head on to Lagan’s website or its stores in Delhi at Pitampura and Kamla Nagar, where all your problems will find all their solutions! You will find a wide range of options, both on its website and its store, and you will be spoiled for choices. 

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